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Enable your students to build and code their own experiences, not just consume them.

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Use CoSpaces Edu across all age-levels, subject areas and multiple devices.

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Engage and captivate your students to enhance their digital literacy skills.

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CoSpaces Edu can be used in any grade and for any level or subject part of the curriculum.

Curriculum alignment

CoSpaces Edu is aligned with the C3 Framework in preparing kids for their future from college to career and civic life.

Common Core alignment

Common Core alignment

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Secure learning environment

We care about your students' privacy. CoSpaces Edu takes student privacy very seriously and is COPPA and FERPA-compliant.

We have several measures in place to make sure that the data that you and your students store in CoSpaces Edu is always kept safe.

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A Primary teacher in Spain teaches kids to code and create their own stories, interactive art pieces, games and simulations.

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An all-boys school in Manhattan fights bullying through the creation of virtual experiences.

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Schools FAQs

Using CoSpaces Edu

  • What's CoSpaces Edu and why do I need it?

    CoSpaces Edu is a creation app widely used in schools around the world and letting kids easily create their own virtual content. Working simply as a website inside the browser but also as a mobile and tablet app, CoSpaces Edu enables students to build, code and explore their own creations in VR or AR, while demonstrating their learnings and developing essential digital skills.

    Open answer

  • How easy is CoSpaces Edu to use?

    Creating in CoSpaces Edu is a simple drag and drop process using a variety of creation features including 3D objects, building blocks, block-based coding and much more. CoSpaces Edu's visual coding language CoBlocks is ideal for young coders and a great introduction to computational thinking.

    Open answer

  • What kind of hardware do I need to use CoSpaces Edu?

    CoSpaces Edu has been made as accessible as possible. All you need to create and enjoy exploring your creations is a computer with an up-to-date web browser or a mobile device with the CoSpaces Edu app and an internet connection.

    Open answer

  • What's needed to sign up?

    You can sign up with your email address or simply sign in with Google, Apple or Microsoft. Students just need their teacher's class code to join CoSpaces Edu.

    Open answer

  • Will I be able to access the CoSpaces Edu domains from my school?

    Some schools have firewalls that block certain domains and might prevent you from accessing CoSpaces Edu. In order to resolve this, it's necessary to allow all of the domains needed to access CoSpaces Edu's online platform and apps. Please contact your IT department and ask them to whitelist the following domains and ports:,, and

    Open answer

  • Is there any tech support available on hand to help?

    Yes! You can contact the CoSpaces team for direct support here or through the online forum, where a friendly community of educators, including the CoSpaces Edu Ambassadors, will be happy to help.

    Open answer

Buying CoSpaces Edu Pro

  • How can I get CoSpaces Edu Pro?

    You can buy a CoSpaces Edu Pro license plan directly online by credit card or you can request a PO (purchase order) based on a quote from us and make the payment by wire transfer.

    Open answer

  • Can I use CoSpaces Edu Basic for free now and upgrade to Pro later?

    Of course! Anytime you use your CoSpaces Edu account, you can choose to upgrade to CoSpaces Edu Pro and will be able to select the Pro plan you'd like to buy.

    Open answer

  • Can I get CoSpaces Edu Pro now and go back to Basic later?

    Sure! When your license plan ends after one year, you'll be able to either renew your CoSpaces Edu Pro license plan or go back to CoSpaces Edu Basic. Please note that after going back to Basic, you'll lose all features that are exclusive to Pro and which you may have been using in your CoSpaces. This means that you'll no longer be able to edit these CoSpaces, but you'll still be able to view and share them.

    Open answer

  • Can I test Pro for free?

    Yes! You can activate your free trial of CoSpaces Edu Pro anytime to test all Pro features and the MERGE Cube add-on with 100 seats (you and up to 99 students) during 30 days.

    Open answer

  • How do I activate my Pro trial?

    In CoSpaces Edu, click the "Upgrade to Pro" button at the bottom-left corner, select "Activate trial" and simply enter a trial code.

    Open answer

  • How can I get a trial code?

    The CoSpaces Edu Ambassadors give out trial codes letting you test CoSpaces Edu Pro during 30 days. If you aren't in contact with one of our Ambassadors yet, connect with them on Twitter. Click here to view our Ambassadors Twitter list.

    Open answer

  • I'm not in charge of payment. What should I do?

    You can start by requesting a quote for your desired CoSpaces Edu Pro license plan here. With this quote in your hand, you can then proceed to the ones in charge of financial matters at your school or institution.

    Open answer

  • How does the purchase order work?

    Request a quote from us for your desired CoSpaces Edu Pro license plan here. With this quote in your hand, you can make the necessary steps to get the PO (or any other order form that you use at your school/ company/ institution). On reception of a PO, we'll send you an invoice and you'll then have up to 30 days to make the payment.

    Open answer

  • I'm in a Title 1 School. Can I get a discount?

    Yes, we offer discounts to all Title 1 Schools. Please request a quote with this information here.

    Open answer

  • What happens when my Pro license plan expires?

    When your CoSpaces Edu Pro license plan expires after 1 year, you’ll be given the option to renew it for an additional year, to downgrade to CoSpaces Edu Basic or to use a different Pro license plan.

    Open answer

  • What are seats and how do license plans work?

    CoSpaces Edu Pro license plans are valid for a year from the time of purchase and contain a certain number of seats depending on your Pro plan. A seat can be used by either a student or by a teacher and can be re-assigned to different users anytime. What matters is only the total number of seats being used in your account, which you can always check at the bottom-left corner of your screen.

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Sharing a Pro license plan

  • Can several users share a seat?

    Nope. Each user, student or teacher, must use one seat in a license plan as well as their own login details. However, you can easily re-assign seats to new users.

    Open answer

  • Can the same account be used on several devices?

    CoSpaces Edu allows a maximum of 1 computer device and a maximum of 2 mobile devices to be logged into the same account simultaneously.

    Open answer

  • How can I re-assign seats?

    You can easily re-assign seats by removing and replacing students from the seats available in your CoSpaces Edu license plan. Freeing up a seat will let you use it for another student who you can invite with your class invite code. These options are available from the “Users” dashboard.

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  • Can multiple teachers share a license plan?

    CoSpaces Edu Pro license plans can be shared between multiple teachers. When you buy a Pro plan, you'll get a key, which you can share with other teachers to let them access your license plan.

    Open answer

Managing classes online

  • What are the class management features of CoSpaces Edu?

    CoSpaces Edu is designed for teachers to have full access and control over the workflow. From within the web app, teachers can create and share assignments with the class, assign individual tasks to students or create collaborative group assignments, and monitor student work remotely, even following their process in real-time.

    Open answer

  • Does CoSpaces Edu include lesson plans detailing how to use VR and AR in the classroom?

    Our website resources include many lesson plans created by ourselves and our Ambassadors. These can all be downloaded as documents, adapted to your liking and then implemented into your classroom at a moment's notice.

    Open answer

  • Can I create templates to share with my class?

    Yes, you can create a template CoSpace to use as an assignment for your class. Your students will receive the ability to use your template as a basis for their assignment and edit it.

    Open answer

  • How can I observe my students' work?

    Teachers are able to follow their students’ work and even observe it in real-time online from their class in the “Students” section. Teachers automatically get access to their students' assignments as well as any CoSpaces created in Free Play.

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