Teaching kids to code

Children learn to code while having fun creating virtually anything

CoBlocks by CoSpaces Edu

With its easy to drag and drop colored blocks, CoBlocks is the ideal solution for junior coders!

CoBlocks is a visual block-based programming language similar to Scratch and easy for anyone to learn, even kids in K-12 grades.

Scripting languages

More advanced coders can have fun coding scripts to add interactions and events or even create games!

The API documentation can be found below. Every method contains a code sample and a demo project.
Go to the API

Physics engine

Use code to experiment with physics!

Create simulations of physical phenomena and visualize abstract scientific concepts in 3D, VR or AR.
View physics features
Free coding activity
Can your students help the pirate get to his treasure?
Try it now
Interested in more activities?
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Game creation

Students have so much fun coding their own games in CoSpaces Edu!

Creating a game can be done either as a group or individually and is a great way to learn to code while enjoying the learning process.
Learn about game creation


CoSpaces Edu's 3D creation tools and coding features are the ideal combination to create stories.

Kids can practice storytelling and enjoy creating freely, whether simply for fun or as part of a class exercise.
Learn about storytelling


The advanced coding features available in CoSpaces Edu Pro can be used to create physical simulations with factors such as velocity, acceleration and collision events.

A great way for kids to understand the world around them!
Learn about simulations

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