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What is CoSpaces Edu and why do I need it?
How easy is CoSpaces Edu to use?
What is needed to sign up?
How can I get started?            
Can I showcase CoSpaces Edu in presentations?
Where can I get support?

License plans

Can I add the MERGE Cube add-on to my license plan later on?

Buying Pro

How can I buy CoSpaces Edu Pro?
How much does CoSpaces Edu Pro cost?
I'm not in charge of payment. What should I do?
How does the purchase order work?
I work in a Title 1 School. Can we get a discount?

Switching between Basic and Pro

Can I use CoSpaces Edu Basic for free now and upgrade to Pro later?
Can I get CoSpaces Edu Pro now and go back to Basic later?

Free trials

Can I test Pro for free?
How can I get a trial code?
How do I activate my Pro trial?
Can I test the MERGE Cube add-on for free?

License plan system

What happens when my Pro license plan expires?
How do I access my Pro license plan?
How can I renew my Pro license plan?
What are seats and how do license plans work?
Can several users share a seat?
Can the same account be used on several devices?
How can I re-assign seats?
Can I get more seats in my license plan?
Can multiple teachers share a license plan?
How are prorated prices calculated?

Class management

What are the class management features of CoSpaces Edu?
Does CoSpaces Edu include lesson plans detailing how to use VR and AR in the classroom?            
Can I create templates to share with my class?            
How do I share my license plan with other teachers?
How do I add students to my license plan?
What happens to my students' CoSpaces when I remove them from my license plan?
What information do I and my students need to enter to use CoSpaces Edu?
Can students collaborate within the same CoSpace?
How do I publish my students' CoSpaces to the Gallery?
Where can students create their own CoSpaces?
How can I observe my students' work?
How do you keep student data safe?


What kind of hardware do I need to use CoSpaces Edu?
Will I be able to access the CoSpaces Edu domains from my school?
Is there any tech support available on hand to help?
What is the difference between CoBlocks and Blockly?
What are the keyboard shortcuts in CoSpaces Edu?
Can I copy and edit existing CoSpaces?
Why can my shared CoSpace no longer be viewed?


How can I experience my creations in VR?
What headsets would you recommend using with CoSpaces Edu?
Does CoSpaces Edu work on the Oculus Go?
Does CoSpaces Edu work on the Oculus Rift?
Does CoSpaces Edu work on the Samsung Gear VR?
Does CoSpaces Edu work on the HTC Vive?
Does CoSpaces Edu work on the Daydream?
What standalone VR headsets can I use with CoSpaces Edu?
Does CoSpaces Edu work on the Quest?
Does CoSpaces Edu work on the Pico headsets?
How can I log into CoSpaces Edu from my VR headset?
Can I move around a CoSpace with the Meta Quest headset?
Can I use the Meta Quest controllers?
Is it possible to jump in CoSpaces with the Meta Quest?
Can I create CoSpaces in VR?


How can I experience my creations in AR?
What devices can be used to view in AR?


How can I view my creations on the MERGE Cube?
Where can I get a MERGE Cube?
What devices can be used with the MERGE Cube?
How can I create for the MERGE Cube?
How can I get the MERGE Cube add-on?


Is it possible to upload external files to use within CoSpaces Edu?
Can I import my own 3D models into CoSpaces Edu?
What features are supported for FBX uploads?
What should I do if my 3D model doesn't upload correctly?
Is CoSpaces Edu compatible with 360° images?            
How can I take my own 360° images?                        
Where can I get 360° images to use in my creations?
Can I add videos to my CoSpaces?
Can I add sound to my CoSpaces?
Oops, nothing like that here :(

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