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June 23-26, 2024 at ISTE
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Students build their own interactive digital content

Kids get creative and demonstrate their learnings

Educators design engaging learning content

Teachers and students create immersive experiences

Children collaborate and program educational games

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Easily build in 3D with kid-friendly creation tools
Add interactions with block-based coding or advanced scripting
Explore your creations in Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality
Manage classes, let students collaborate and view their work in real-time
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Key applications

Create virtually anything in 3D
360° tours
Build an immersive virtual tour
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Create an interactive story
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Design a virtual exhibition
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Code and play your own game
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Conduct any experiment in 3D
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... and so much more!

Making kids future-ready

With 21st Century skills and the 4 C's
Critical thinking
Observation skills, analyzing and finding solutions to problems
Working with others and developing teamwork by creating together
Thinking outside the box and developing unique ideas
Digital literacy
Coding and other digital skills essential to future careers
Cultural and social understanding, empathy and communication skills
Let your students
become creators
Use one tool for all
Bring the Wow!
into the classroom

Secure learning environment

We care about your students' privacy. CoSpaces Edu takes student privacy very seriously and is COPPA and FERPA-compliant.

We have several measures in place to make sure that the data that you and your students store in CoSpaces Edu is always kept safe.
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License plans

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CoSpaces Edu is fully accessible in the web browser!
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Works on any device

Create anywhere, anytime and on any device

Web application

CoSpaces Edu is an online application available on any up-to-date Internet browser!

  • No download or installation required
  • Build in your browser on any desktop or laptop, including Google Chromebooks

Mobile & tablet app.

Download the CoSpaces Edu companion mobile app!

  • Create anywhere from any tablet device
  • View your creations in Virtual Reality from any smartphone!

Educator resources

We got almost everything needed to teach with CoSpaces Edu! Use these free CoSpaces Edu downloadable and printable goodies in your classroom.
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Transforming student learning with CoSpaces Edu

Jaime Donally


“I always share CoSpaces Edu with educators around the world because it takes our students from content consumers to content creators!”

Author | Speaker | ConsultantTexas, USA

Michael Fricano II


“No matter what grade level or subject I use CoSpaces Edu with, one thing remains constant: creativity in students flourish when they dive into CoSpaces Edu.”

K-6 Tech Integration SpecialistHawaii, USA

“CoSpaces Edu is fully cross curricular and stimulates students to learn and push past their comfort zone.”

Teacher Grades 6-7BC, Canada

Rachelle Dene Poth


“If you have not yet checked out CoSpaces Edu, you will find it is a tool that will really engage students in their learning.”

Languages & STEAM TeacherPittsburgh, USA
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Happy students

Rediscovering the fun of learning

You can even do this on your phone at home?!

A student using CoSpaces Edu in his class for the first time.


Recognizing CoSpaces Edu's value for education

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