Virtual & Augmented Reality

For immersive and embodied learning experiences

Step into the world of VR

Discovering and exploring 3D creations in VR can add value to the learning experience and is a major motivation factor, as it enables students to get immersed in their creations.

Use a VR headset with CoSpaces Edu and let the class dive into their projects!     
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Augment teaching with AR

Augmented Reality lets students project their own creations onto any plane surface in the real world, by looking through the screen of their device.

Offering new possibilities in the classroom, AR can be used in any subject to boost student engagement and collaboration.
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Interact with a hologram

Students can also use the MERGE Cube and turn it into a hologram that they can hold in their own hands!

Through the ability to physically interact with the MERGE Cube, embodied learning adds another dimension to the student experience.   
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Enhance the study material

Give a new dimension to the curriculum by adapting it to fit the latest technologies and making it more engaging and interactive.

VR and AR can be used to modernize the study material, or as a complement to traditional teaching methods, by letting kids create virtual projects based on their learnings.

Step away from consumption

Create, don't just consume! CoSpaces Edu enables kids to become makers, creators, and inventors, not just consumers of content.

By giving them a space to create VR and AR content, you're opening a new perspective on multimedia and the learning matter today.

360° tours

Build an immersive virtual tour and get immersed in VR!

Kids can upload their own 360° photos into CoSpaces Edu to build unique virtual tours and even add text and more details.
Learn about 360° tours

VR exhibitions

Create virtual exhibitions on any topic and dive in with VR!

This activity can be adapted to many subjects and lesson plans to fit the curriculum, from vocabulary learning to scientific exhibitions or art galleries.
Learn about exhibitions

VR & AR games

Step into the future of gaming with VR and AR!

Whether creating their own games and learning to code or just having fun, students will enjoy playing in a virtual and immersive dimension.
Learn about game creation

VR storytelling

Virtual Reality revolutionizes storytelling as it allows for an immersive and interactive experience.

Using CoSpaces Edu, kids can create their own VR stories and share them with others.
Learn about storytelling

Other examples of applications

Interact with holograms, 3D objects and learning experiences on the MERGE Cube
VR/ AR world building
Follow your imagination and build your own VR worlds
VR / AR visualizations
Give a new dimension to any 3D visualizations
VR experiences
Get immersed into unique VR experiences

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