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  • Invite up to 29 students
  • Create up to 2 CoSpaces
  • Create 1 class
  • Create 1 assignment
  • Upload up to 10 external files
  • Code with basic CoBlocks
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CoSpaces Edu Pro

The Pro plan gives access to all Pro features. Simply choose the number of seats needed for your plan. Each seat can be taken up by either a teacher or a student.
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  • All CoSpaces Edu features and 3D objects
  • Invite students and teachers
  • Add co-teachers to your classes
  • Publish to the CoSpaces Edu Gallery
  • Remix CoSpaces from the Gallery
  • Code with all CoBlocks or script languages
  • Use the built-in Physics engine

First seat

Yearly fee
First seat (Admin)
One-time payment per license plan
MERGE Cube add-on
First seat (Admin) with add-on

Additional seats

Yearly fee
CoSpaces Edu Pro
MERGE Cube add-on
Pro with add-on
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Title 1 Schools get a discount!
  • Volume discounts available
  • Prices may vary depending on sales tax, VAT and App Store rates
Are you a District?
CoSpaces Edu District plans offer you more optimized management features, so you can manage multiple schools as a District Admin.
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CoSpaces Edu at home

While CoSpaces Edu is designed for schools, parents, guardians or mentors can sign up with a teacher account to supervise their kids.

Interested in using CoSpaces Edu at home?
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Easily build your own creations for the MERGE Cube in CoSpaces Edu. Place content anywhere on, inside and around a virtual cube to create your own hologram!
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Compare our license plans

Number of CoSpaces available
2 CoSpaces
Number of scenes inside CoSpaces
Number of classes available
1 class
Number of assignments available
1 assignment
Access the 3D objects Library
Upload external multimedia files
10 files per CoSpace
Code with CoBlocks
Basic CoBlocks
Code with scripting languages
Use the built-in Physics engine
Invite teachers and more students
Add co-teachers to your classes
Publish to the CoSpaces Edu Gallery
Copy and edit CoSpaces from the Gallery
Start creating from scene templates
Archive CoSpaces and classes
Get the MERGE Cube add-on

Pricing FAQs

Buying a Pro plan

How can I buy a CoSpaces Edu Pro?
Can I use CoSpaces Edu Basic for free now and upgrade to Pro later?
Can I get CoSpaces Edu Pro now and go back to Basic later?
Can I test Pro for free?
How do I activate my Pro trial?
I'm not in charge of payment. What should I do?
How does the purchase order work?
I work in a Title 1 School. Can we get a discount?
What happens when my Pro license plan expires?
How do I access my Pro license plan?
How can I renew my Pro license plan?

Sharing a Pro plan

Can several users share a seat?
Can the same account be used on several devices?
How can I re-assign seats?
Can I get more seats in my license plan?
Can multiple teachers share a license plan?

The MERGE Cube add-on

How can I get the MERGE Cube add-on?Can several users share a seat?
Can I test the MERGE Cube add-on for free?
Can I get the MERGE Cube add-on for my license plan later on?

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