MERGE Cube mode

Hold your creations in your hands

Transform the MERGE Cube

Project creations made with CoSpaces Edu onto the MERGE Cube with your smartphone or tablet to turn it into a hologram.
Hold the cube in your hand, move it around and interact with it!

Create your own content

The MERGE Cube add-on for CoSpaces Edu Pro lets you build your own creations for the MERGE Cube.
Place content anywhere on, inside and around a virtual cube to create your own hologram.

MERGE Cube games

MERGE Cube stories

MERGE Cube simulations

The 3D tactility of the MERGE Cube can be helpful to visualize and better understand topics in STEM classes.

A great way for kids to understand physics concepts through embodied learning!
Learn about simulations

Other examples of applications

Interact with holograms, 3D objects and learning experiences on the MERGE Cube.
Hold a MERGE Cube hologram in your hands and interact with it
3D objects
Create your own 3D objects with the MERGE Cube add-on
Embodied learning
Let kids engage and physically interact with the study material

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