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Children as makers

Integrate hands-on creation activities in your workshops, enabling kids to build their own AR & VR worlds while having fun and developing useful digital skills such as coding.

Empower kids to develop a DIY mentality 

Makerspaces and fablabs
After-school programs
Summer camps
Interactive lessons
3D creation
VR &AR creation
3D printing

Easy to implement, flexible and engaging  

Workshop concept by
  1. Build a VR headset
  2. Write your own story
  3. Create your story in CoSpaces
  4. Dive into it in VR!
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Workshop concept by
  1. Play games to warm up
  2. Brainstorm and sketch up a scene
  3. Design the scene in CoSpaces
  4. Explore it in VR!
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Used in workshops all around the world    

Kids and teenagers learn to design VR content and games with CoSpaces Edu in worldwide workshops.
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A non-profit from Lithuania uses CoSpaces Edu as part of VR workshops for children.
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CoSpaces Edu is used in NASA's VR Training Lab at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.
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Workshops & camps FAQs    

Using CoSpaces Edu

What's CoSpaces Edu and why do I need it?
How easy is CoSpaces Edu to use?
What kind of hardware do I need to use CoSpaces Edu?
What's needed to sign up?
Will I be able to access the CoSpaces Edu domains from my school?
Is there any tech support available on hand to help?

Buying CoSpaces Edu Pro

How can I get a CoSpaces Edu Pro?
Can I use CoSpaces Edu Basic for free now and upgrade to Pro later?
Can I get CoSpaces Edu Pro now and go back to Basic later?
Can I test Pro for free?
How do I activate my Pro trial?
How can I get a trial code?
I'm not in charge of payment. What should I do?
How does the purchase order work?
I work in a Title 1 School. Can we get a discount?
What happens when my Pro license plan expires?
What are seats and how do license plans work?

Sharing a Pro license plan

Can several users share a seat?
Can the same account be used on several devices?
How can I re-assign seats?
Can multiple teachers share a license plan?

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