Create in 3 dimensions

Kids can build anything and demonstrate their knowledge

Create virtual scenes

Define the atmosphere of your CoSpace with various pre-defined environments and filters or using 360° images for the background.

Simply drag and drop objects and characters from the Library of ready-to-use 3D models and create your own virtual world!     

Build new constructions

Ready to create anything in 3D?

Go one step further and make your own objects using 3D primitives, simple building blocks from basic geometric forms.          

Add multimedia

Upload images, videos, sounds and more 3D models to personalize your CoSpace.

You can add a background music to create a special atmosphere or even record your own audio narrative!          

Virtual exhibitions

From vocabulary learning to scientific exhibits or art galleries, virtual exhibitions can easily be adapted to many subjects and lesson plans to fit the curriculum.

For even more fun, let your students explore their exhibitions in VR!
Learn about exhibitions

Storytelling & literature study

CoSpaces Edu's 3D creation tools and coding features are the ideal combination to create stories.

Kids can practice storytelling and enjoy creating freely, whether simply for fun or as part of a class exercise such as literature study.
Learn about storytelling

Other examples of applications

Virtual worlds, presentations, infographics and so much more
Virtual world building
Imagine and create your own virtual worlds and environments
Virtual presentation
Introduce yourself or any topic from class with a virtual presentation
3D infographic
Create infographics on any subject in an interactive and engaging format

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